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Why Jesse Ventura?
On March 14, 2004, Ventura appeared as an honored guest at World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Wrestlemania XX as part of the "WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004." Later in the evening he approached the ring to interview Donald Trump, who had a front row seat at the event. Trump affirmed that Ventura would receive his moral and financial support were he to ever re-enter the world of politics. Alluding to the 2008 election, Ventura boldly announced that "we need to put a wrestler in the White House in 2008," much to the amusement of the cheering crowd. As of yet he has made no official announcement concerning whether or not he intends to run for President.

Jesse Ventura would give America
it's independence back!

President Ventura would potentially:
  • End the income tax in favor of a sales tax.
  • End pork-barrel spending; return surplus to the people.
  • Return any budget surpluses to the taxpayers automatically.
  • Respect diversity, both cultural and lifestyle.
  • Opposes �Three Strikes�; leave discretion to judges.
  • End the war on drugs since it has failed; look for other solutions.
  • Fund schools at state level instead of via property taxes.
  • Overcome dependency on foreign oil.
  • Increase voluntary partnerships to reduce greenhouse gases economically.
  • Open up, simplify, & demystify government.
  • Help promote that government service should be temporary; not a career.
  • Promote individual responsibility for unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • View social programs as a safety net, not a hammock.

About Ventura! Why Ventura?
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