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Thanks to the writing skills of Marc Kaufman.
Dear Mr. Ventura,

It is far easier for us at to gather names for our online petition than it is to craft a letter asking you to run for President of the United States, making our hopes a reality. Given your recent comments while campaigning with Kinky Friedman, we recognize our efforts may be in vain, and if you decide to remain a private citizen, we will sadly wish you all our best in your endeavors. As, however, the door has not yet been closed, we send this message in positive anticipation and sincere hope for the future of our nation.

It is clear after the midterm elections that Americans are, just like you and us, frustrated with the political landscape. People are tired of secretive, inaccessible government, more occupied with posturing and theatrics than with serving its citizens. In years of low point after disgraceful low point in national politics-neglecting to rebuild, memorialize, or even clear the bones of the dead from Ground Zero before going to war; the loathsome national politicization of the Terry Schaivo case; the startling vacuum of leadership following Hurricane Katrina; the relentless fear mongering and disparagement of dissident opinions, and on and on-it might seem easy, perhaps even justifiable, to write off the American political system and the citizens who elect it.

We see things differently. Selling short the will of our people would be a grave miscalculation, minimizing the spirit and efforts of those who elected you in Minnesota, and needlessly leaving the course of our country in less stable hands. As you've said in the past, you could have won in 2000 since voters were unexcited about the candidates. Americans need someone they can follow. Our recent elections show there is still life in the people. They will not endlessly be spoon-fed tainted rhetoric from their government without fighting back. We've got to believe, Mr. Ventura, that you would agree you have far more to offer the American people than any candidate the entrenched parties can churn out. We ask that you not attempt to prejudge how voters may take to you, or if they have fighters' souls, but instead to damn the torpedoes, run your race, and let the people decide for themselves. Give them a chance: if they are not smart enough to elect you, they do not deserve to have you. That may come off simply as a flattering statement. So be it. We believe it.

We understand that the lifestyle of the office of President gives you pause. Whatever degree of privacy and personal freedom you've cultivated in your life would disappear for four years, and be severely hindered thereafter. The accelerated aging in every president is indeed a physical testimony of a brutal, unyielding schedule, compounded by the endless barrage of the worst problems and toughest decisions one person could face, day after day after day. It is a commitment no citizen should take lightly, and one most of us couldn't handle. We respect and appreciate the fact that this is not a snap decision for you; it speaks of your sensibility. We also believe that your diverse and distinguished background has prepared you far better for the position than many who have already held the office. In short, we, the petition signers at, believe that you are, hands-down, the strongest candidate to steer this drifting country back toward the core principles of justice and personal freedom upon which it was founded.

As hindsight is always 20/20, we ask you to think things over in the following manner. Imagine waking up on January 21, 2013, the day after your successor has taken office. You would stretch, scratch, amble to the mirror and sigh-you would almost certainly see the prematurely aged face you anticipated-and you would reflect upon your time in office. Even in your experience, they likely would have been the most grueling years of your life-and possibly the most fulfilling. You would contemplate them. What impact would you have made as President? What would have been your greatest battles, your top priorities, and your proudest victories? What would never be the same? How would Americans' expectations of the President and the government's role in their lives change? Most importantly-and this is the central question you must consider-will it have been worth it? Will the 300+ million Americans who are waking up that same day as you-as well as all the other people in this world-have been impacted positively enough to justify the new lines on your face? Will your family be able to understand and pardon the minimized time you'd spent with them these last four years? Would they be proud of the difference their husband, their father, had made in the world?

We have no power to answer these questions for you, Mr. Ventura. We hope, however, that you will decide that, yes, it is worth it to fight for the office. Yes, you will make a significant impact. Yes, the American people need you, and YES, we care enough to stand up and help make it happen. You know now where to find your frontline volunteers. We are mobilized, determined, and raring to aid in your push for office, and to take on an active role in lifting the future of our nation. Take this country by storm, Mr. Ventura.


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