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  • Do you want real change in America? Change for the better?

  • Are you concerned about privacy invasions, giant databases, and our civil liberties turning into door mats?

  • Are you becoming afraid of the Republicans intertwining church and state?

  • Are you disappointed with the Democrats "oh so close, but no cigar" repeat performances?

  • Do more social programs, increased spending, and increased deficits make you feel disenfranchised?

  • What happened to Bin Laden?

Jesse Ventura is one of the true
"last hopes" for America.

"No party, no nothing," Jesse told the news service, adding that his campaign message would be, "Elect someone who truly is not controlled by special-interest money. With me, you would get a true check and balance."
Associated Press - 4/16/04

"I can beat these guys � and they need to be beaten," Ventura said. "We have a two-party system in America and it sucks."
The Sentinel - 2/21/05

�If we lie to the government we go to jail. If they lie to us we go to war,� Ventura said."
Collegiate Times - 3/16/05

Why act now? President Bush just won his second term. I can wait until 2007 before I even begin to think about this....
Jesse Ventura has tossed around the idea of running for office in 2008 We need to act NOW! Show your support by signing this petition NOW. Tell all your friends about it NOW. The more people who show support, the more likely Jesse will decide to RUN for office and WIN in 2008.
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